Howling dog: what it means and what to do

Howling dog: what it means and what to do

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Howling dog it is not a wolf howling, many meanings have been lost even the sound may have remained similar. Even the frequency has certainly not remained the same even if it depends on the breed: the dog of Nordic breed or that descends from crossbreeds with wolves is a dog howling often, at least more than others. More than remedies, against the dog howling, here I want to evaluate how instead to meet the dog howling. Because he is certainly not bad or crazy: he is telling us something, he may need us or we need him.

Generally a dog howling he does it for a dog's discomfort, for a situation that makes him uncomfortable or for the lack of something.
However, let it be clear that a howling dog is which is normal, indeed, healthy, and the opposite would be worrying. It is a signal, to be able to interpret, this is up to us, as when we find ourselves interacting with a guest who does not speak our language. A dog howling he does not express himself in Italian but he is communicating and we can learn to understand what he wants to tell us. Pardon, howl.

Dog howling by assonance

Sometimes a dog howling he does it “in a chain” with respect to another sound he has heard and which he did not like, indeed, it bothered him. It could be the ringer of a telephone, the doorbell or the intercom. Even from the outside, "bad" sounds may have reached ours dog howling, like the noise of trains or helicopters, the many sirens that are heard, for those who live in the city, from the street, not to mention the apartment alarms or automobile, which in summer seem particularly fierce on our sleep, both human and canine. If we cannot howl, our 4-legged friends often do it loudly, a little for us too.

Dog howling to answer

Not necessarily to another dog, perhaps even to a human being, but the dog howling he is often responding to a sound he has identified as the first howl. The sirens may have sounded like a howl, but also other sounds apparently more distant and that for a matter of
frequencies, arouse the dog howling, even if ultrasound.

Then, instinct and the dog howling he does it for that, because it comes natural to answer. Dog to dog but also to a man, as among other things for wolves. Scientists, in fact, to detect their presence in areas where dubious sightings have been made, use the "Wolf howling".

Dog howling to join the choir

It happens but to see a dog howling when do we sing or play? And it is not an act of protest for the choice of the melody or for any out of tune. It is a social act, for the dog howling. The meaning in this case is the most obvious: the dog howling intends to sing with us. Joining the voices, for him, is an opportunity for aggregation, and he would have a lot to teach us about dog howling, if he also had the word, explaining how simple but steeped in meaning this gesture is.

Dog howling from loneliness

From cheerful choirs, all together, humans and dogs, to the sadness of being alone, like a dog. An animal that is without anyone to interact with for a long time, sometimes even for a short time, howls, and how he howls. It can be the desire for company or a specific person, a lover or a mistress, or even a thing. And there you even touch the whim: it depends what this something is. Sometimes it is also need company to feel protected, like the wolf howling because he doesn't hear the pack leader, the dog howling does not feel the master near.

Dog howling in cloister or vivacity

Beyond whether we are going out or not, there is the dog howling because he wants he wants to go out. And so it would be up to us, to take him out, even if we already have slippers on our feet. If the dog is often confined in an environment that is too narrow, with little air, little light, or in a place that is too hot or too cold, it is a dog howling for this reason. It is also true that mine Lucy dog, howls because she wants to be taken for a stroll, and maybe even in the city center, even if she has all the space and light she wants all day. But she is used to that at a certain time… so here it is howls.

Howling dog: what to do

When a dog howling he does not stop, when he is left alone, it is absolutely not necessary to make him too understand that we are going out. Even returning, few ceremonies, so the dog howling he will stop living our entering and leaving the house with too much emotional charge as if it were an act of affection, and not simply an agenda to follow or a commission to be fulfilled, even unexpected. And without that the dog howling drive the neighbors crazy.

When a dog howling it is because it is too enclosed it is good that we rethink its environment, looking at it first of all healthy, well ventilated and clean. If we keep the dog in an apartment, we often try to take him outside, in open spaces: he needs, understandably, to vent his energy and howls to say it.

If the dog howling has heard a noise that he does not like, you can try to interrupt the source of annoyance, such as for the telephone or a bell, or who knows what movie or record you do not like, but you cannot stop the trains or the sirens of a city ​​because our friend is a dog howling. Then take plan B with the dog howling: the art of distraction. With games and tidbits, making the dog play with other dogs, even running. Once he has vented his muscular restlessness, he will no longer be a dog howling.

Howling dog: legends and symbols

According to an ancient popular belief, a dog howling it is the unequivocal signal of death, as if the animal had particular powers, as a prescient. When he then does so in an unusual and sudden way, according to very ancients, but also to some modern gullible, the dog howling "Calls" death, warns that danger is upon us, greets the soul that is leaving and that only he sees. Things that we humans ... as they say ...

Another legend about the dog howling, if he does it for three days, it is because the animal is warning that the family is about to mourn. Exactly at the end of the three days: a sound count down. Legends aside, the dog howling in the Neapolitan grimace, it's 62. Let's do the math.

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