Dronist, a new professional figure

Dronist, a new professional figure

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That of thedronistit's a real job. Maybe the namedronist it is a bit forced but it is with this term that we indicate the technical operator who manages to fly a drone, what in jargon is called Sapr. In particular, they are theflying dronesto promise a revolution in the labor market: there are many applications.

The areas of use of theflying dronesthey are many. A flying drone (quadricopter or hexacopter) can be used for patrolling coasts and parks, for the prevention of forest fires, to identify any illegal discharges into waterways or illegal hunting and fishing activities.

Not just the environmental sector, adroneIt can also be used in the chemical, construction, engineering or agriculture industries where it is necessary to map structures, fields and land quickly and at low cost. Adronistshould have the technical skills not only to manage the flight of thedronebut also to be able to record consistent and precise data.

Currently adronisttakes care of doingshooting from above, both photos and videos in HD. With the arrival of theflying dronesan immediate impact was recorded in the world of photography and, more generally, of filming.

Just think of a television report: until recently, in order to get footage from above, it was necessary to identify a strategic point in the city capable of providing a good overview and, in the absence of hills, it was necessary to request the intervention of a helicopter. Flying drones, with video camera and integrated camera, can shoot and capture images, drastically reducing time and costs.

That of thedronistit is not a trivial job, in fact you need to have different skills. Adroneit is not a toy and to "fly" in public places you must have the appropriate license.

What is a flying drone or SARP?
ENAC defines them as remotely piloted aircraft, aircraft characterized by the absence of a crew on board whose flight is governed by different types of flight control systems; they are quadcopters or flying exocopters managed remotely by ground pilots. The SAPR acronym stands forRemotely Piloted Aircraft System.

What does a dronist do?

THE professional drones usually they are equipped with two remote controls, with one piloting the drone and with the other the instrumentation necessary for the purpose of the flight (video camera, video camera, mapping tools). A gooddronist professional is multitasking, he knows how to govern his own drone monitoring all flight conditions (wind, height, direction, propellers ...) and at the same time will be able to manage the remote control for shooting (shots, movement of sensors on thegimbal…). Obviously it must be in compliance with the law and comply with the provisions of the ENAC regulation.

Enac and drones

L'Enacis the National Agency for Civil Aviation and has already established a regulation governing the role ofdronistsor, in general, the behavior of those who want to fly a drone for work or as a hobby.

ENAC indicates, in its regulations, that the use of drones for both business and hobby purposes is subject to the stipulation of insurance policies. Insurance will certainly not save thedronistfrom a complaint in the event of damage to objects or people, but at least it will relieve it of compensation, as is the case for car accidents.

How to become a dronist

If your dream is to become a dronist but you are inexperienced and have not yet purchased a drone, I refer you to the article dedicated to Best Cheap Drones if you have a budget of 250 euros, the ideal purchase is Parrot 2.0 Elite Version. The first step is to practice a lot: start trying the drone in private contexts and always in places away from people or children. Stock up on propellers because you will certainly destroy many of them, follow recognized courses and comply with the requirements of the regulations issued by ENAC.

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