Male or female cat: how to recognize it

Male or female cat: how to recognize it

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Male or female cat It's difficult to understand. When you know it, it seems trivial, and everything you observe seems to confirm the sex attributed to the animal but would you have ever said it a priori? Understanding the sex of a cat, if it is a male or female cat, it's never easy.

When the question " male or female cat? "we place it in front of an adult specimen, we could delude ourselves that it is easier to answer but it is not at all true, because there are ambiguous cases that leave us with the dilemma: male or female cat. With a dog it is easier, the cat is mysterious, and spiteful, even when he grows up.

In front of a kitten, intended as male or female cat, yet to be defined, the difficulties increase because the testicles are not clearly visible at all. We have to practically give up in front of the question until they reach 6-10 weeks of life, up to that moment, it is not known if in the future we will be masters of amale or female cat.

In both puppies and adults there are various and different indicators that can help us understand if it is a male or female cat but you need a good eye and, of course, some confidence with the cat. For the puppies, easier to handle, we often proceed with direct observation of the orifices under the tail to determine if we are in front of a male or female cat, for adult cats it is better to focus on an alternative method, especially if they are stray or not very used to dealing with humans.

Let's start with the safest method to evaluate if it is a male or female cat: the distance between the anus and the genital organs should be observed. We must therefore look under the tail to unravel the mystery: if you manage to approach the kitten and lift it, then it's done. When the distance between the two orifices, anal and genital, is large it is a male cat, it is female if the distance is small.

Even the shape of the genital orifice, the lower one, can help to understand if it is a male or female cat: when it is round like the anus it is more likely a male, if it is more like a vertical slit it is a female. Sometimes a slight protuberance may appear in the male between the two holes, which is always part of thereproductive system, specifically it would be the testicles. Since the cat is a kitten, the testicles are small dots in the incipient phase of development.

Plus the male or female cat we have to "analyze" is adult and wild, the more likely it will try to defend itself. So if we have the goal of understanding the sex of the cat, it is advisable to equip ourselves with gloves and clothes that cover the arms, the first ones to be targeted by scratches and paws, and bites, of whom, male or female cat that is, he does not want to be looked at under the tail.

In addition to this analysis of the distance between orifices, and in case it does not satisfy us - it is not a topographical survey - there are also other parameters that can help to understand if it is male or female cat the one before our eyes. Of course we need to keep our eyes wide open and observe the animal carefully. To be analyzed are the body proportions, behavior and the coat color.

Let's start with the latter because there are legends and truths that mix with proven genetics. There are yes of the typical colors of the hair male or female cat but they are assessments that only those who are experts can make. And then there are facts, for example cats that have orange, black and white dappled hair, also called tortoise or calicut, they are always female.

It is a question of genetics: in felines the information for the synthesis of pigments black and orange are found in the same gene which is part of the X chromosome. The absence of the second X chromosome causes in the male a phenomenon called "inactivation X". The result is that a male can be either black and white, orange and white, but not black and orange and white. The only case in which a male can be tricolor, is explained by an XXY genetic makeup: it is a genetic anomaly called Klinefelter syndrome leading to infertility.

The build helps to understand if it is a male or female cat, build and size. A bit like in the human race, generally speaking, the larger and more robust structure is typical of male cat which as an adult reaches six kilos, while the female is about four kilos. Even the size of the head alone is significant if you look at it compared to the rest of the body: if small or well proportioned, the cat is female. On the other hand, if the muzzle protrudes, most likely we have a male cat front.

There are those who pride themselves on knowing how to interpret feline friends so well that they can tell from their behavior if they are a male or female cat the one under observation. In truth, there is not too much difference: cats are cats, docile, playful, very sweet but also suspicious and wild if they get involved. Male or female cat, the character is very active, they all want company, pampering, attention and live outdoors with the luxury of being able to snore on the sofa in an apartment. Male or female cat that is, a cat is first of all a cat. He scratches, meows, purrs, and most of all he does what he wants.

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