Differences between freezing and deep-freezing food

Differences between freezing and deep-freezing food

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Many people still don't have a clear idea of ​​the concept of freezing or freezing a food; these two terms indicate totally different conservation processes. In this regard, we will show you what the differences are between freezing or freezing food.

A food can only be frozen at an industrial level through the use of ad hoc equipment, a different thing is frozen food; it does not require the use of special appliances but a simple home freezer.

Freezing takes place very quickly and manages to reduce the temperature down to -80 ° C: obviously this process is allowed by law, as long as all the parameters on food safety are respected.

When a food is frozen, very small ice crystals are created, while in the case of freezing the ice is much more present, therefore, when you decide to defrost a food, many nutrients present in it are lost together with the water. The frozen product has a rather similar appearance compared to the fresh one which we cannot say about a frozen product.

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Frozen food is a product that we only find in the commercial sector, while in the home we deal with “frozen”. To improve the quality of frozen foods we can use the vacuum packed frozen food.

Frozen food, uses

A food that has been purchased frozen can be immediately cooked, fried or boiled.

To guarantee the freezing of the product, it is essential not to interrupt the so-called "cold chain". This allows frozen products such as meat and fish not to lose their nutritional properties.

The the freezing process is typically industrial, we need special machinery that is not common to find in homes. “Fresh” food to be frozen must be quickly brought totemperatures below -18 ° so that i ice crystals that form are small and do not damage the cellular structure and do not cause the loss of nutrients that would be lost.

Frozen food, uses

In practice, all foods can be frozen, even including ready-made and cooked dishes, just keep in mind that for each type of food there is a different storage time limit: exceeded the threshold, the frozen product will lose more nutrients . Another important factor: how does freezing happen?

It is essential to know the most suitable freezing methods so that storage takes place safely. In this regard, we refer you to reading the article "How to freeze food".

Foods that are eaten raw can be defrosted in the refrigerator. Meat thawed in the fridge can be kept for a maximum of two or three days; fish should never be eaten for more than one day in the fridge.

Storage in the fridge, which materials to choose

The choice of packaging for freezing food plays a primary role; aluminum, glass or plastic containers are fine as long as they are sterilized and intact. However, pay attention to the increase in the volume of water during freezing, which can lead to the breaking of a package that is too tight.

Another recommendation is not to immediately freeze dishes that are still hot, as they could compromise the internal temperature

  • Plastic: lends itself very well to the preservation of any type of food
  • Glass: it is less practical and more bulky
  • Aluminum: this material also lends itself to any food
  • Paper and Cardboard: they are not recommended, they are waterproof and do not protect against loss of steam and humidity

Vacuum freeze

To improve the preservation of frozen foods it is recommended to place them in the vacuum freezer.

With vacuum freezing, foods will not lose their nutritional and organoleptic characteristics (the taste and flavor will be less altered, as will the consistency). The lack of air will avoid the frost that forms on the food and also freeze burns.

It is no longer like it used to be, today everyone can buy machines to freeze vacuum packed food. Until a few years ago, vacuum machines were very expensive. Today on the market there are devices from 20 to 500 euros. A good compromise is the small models that reach a good amount of vacuum. Among these, we point out the "VS3750" vacuum sealer which can be bought on Amazon at a price of 34.99 euros. For all the info: VS3750 Vacuum Machine.

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