How to reuse silicon sachets

How to reuse silicon sachets

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You will certainly have happened to find in bags or shoes just bought, small square sachets that are grainy to the touch. Here, these sachets contain silica gel a material with surprising properties; its function is to preserve the products from moisture having a high drying property.

Those who do not know the usefulness of silicon sachets can mistakenly throw them in the garbage, certainly it will not be the end of the world but it would be a shame, since they are useful for various daily problems! Let's see in detail how to reuse silicon sachets giving you some very interesting indications.

How to reuse silicon sachets, indications

  • The silverware

To restore shine to silver darkened due to oxidation, we can use silicon sachets: just put the sachets in the drawers and in the places where the silver is stored: it will remain perfectly intact.

  • Bad smells

The silicon sachets are found in shoe boxes but if we insert them directly into the shoes we can eliminate the bad smell: the silica microspheres will absorb odors.

  • The wet smartphone

If your smartphone falls into water, the silica gel sachets can be useful: just remove the sim and the smartphone battery and put all the components in a closed bag, along with some silicon sachets; they will dehumidify the environment inside the bag, thus absorbing moisture and drying the components of the smartphone: it should work again in a couple of days.

  • Magazines and books

We all know how harmful humidity can be for books, magazines, documents ... in short, for everything that is paper! But if we exploit the properties of the silicon gel sachets we will no longer have problems: just place them where books and magazines are stored.

Where to buy the silica gel sachets

If you want to take full advantage of the power of silica gel, you can purchase a small batch online. Prices of silica gel vary a lot based on quantity, quality and manufacturer's warranty. What makes the difference is the wrapping, in fact this is what allows you to reuse the same sachets over and over again.

Useful links: Silica gel sachets on Amazon

A sealed bottle of 100 sachets (micro bags of 2 grams, as well as the size of the classic sachets that we find among newly bought sweatshirts and shoes) of Silica Gel is offered on Amazon at a price of 32 euros. Those who want to save on the purchase can choose 100 sachets of 1 gram at a price of about 12 euros. These sachets can be “regenerated” and reused over and over again after a short exposure to heat as described below.
Warning! Not all pack sizes are suitable for this procedure. To regenerate the anti-humidity power of the silica-gel sachets, just put them in a ventilated oven at 110 ° C over the time and in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer.

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