What do freshwater turtles eat

What do freshwater turtles eat

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What do freshwater turtles eat is a surprise. Let's talk about the omnivorous ones. Their health depends a lot on what do they eat and immediately the importance of a varied diet emerges, because mistakes in this sector are also seriously paid for. In designing what freshwater turtles eat it is necessary to take into account that the trident calcium, vitamin D3 and sunlight:it is essential for the proper development of bones and carapace. If something is missing or in short supply, the danger is the onset of MOM (metabolic bone disease).

Calcium deficiencies also lead to rickets and malformation of the carapace and, when evaluating what freshwater turtles eat, vitamins also play their part. Their deficiency linked to the scarcity of plant foods leads to hypovitaminosis, on the contrary, the excesses of vitamins from reckless use of supplements lead to hypervitaminosis. This happens especially with vitamin A.

Speaking of excesses, those who find themselves evaluating or studying what do freshwater turtles eat, you will see that too many proteins lead to gout, MOM and kidney failure, too much phosphorus reduces the absorption of calcium, too much fruit can lead to dysentery and intestinal fermentation problems.

Without looking specifically what freshwater turtles eatIt is already evident that the digestive process of these animals is long - sometimes lasting almost three days in adults - so it is not necessary to feed them too frequently. Turtles are extremely voracious and would eat all the time, we have to decide what freshwater turtles eat and also when. We can rely on a daily frequency for the growth phase, while for the adult one every two days or 2-3 times a week. To prevent them from gorging, to avoid overloading them, we can divide the meal into two doses, within the same day.

Beyond what do freshwater turtles eat, there are those who prefer to feed them in a separate tank. It is a good solution for keeping the main aquarium clean, but remembering not to put the food in dry areas: they prefer to have lunch in the water. As for the quantities of "what freshwater turtles eat"It is important not to exceed the doses but even before that it is necessary to monitor the variety of foods.

The doses are seasonal, because the energy requirements, on which it depends what freshwater turtles eat, depends on body temperature which in turn also depends in part on that of the external environment. In winter, at low temperatures, turtles have a very slow metabolism and are very apathetic, so they need less food than in seasons with high temperatures when, while remaining turtles in the soul, their metabolic system increases significantly.

What freshwater turtles eat: vegetables

In general, aquatic turtles are more carnivorous when small and more herbivorous when adults, but it is good from an early age to include vegetables in what they eat at the cost of camouflaging them in meatballs, mixed with meat or fish. Vegetables are essential: when one wonders what do freshwater turtles eat, this is not the first food that comes to mind but these animals cannot get enough vitamin A from insects or feed and they need to somehow get it.

High rate of vitamin A is found in carrots, lettuce is excellent because it is rich in calcium, but radicchio, chicory, clover or dandelion, cress and all the flowers of wild plants are also good. Instead, it is better not to abound with zucchini, rocket, celery, soy and courgette flowers, literally not recommended, cause intestinal problems, spinach and peas.

What freshwater turtles eat: fruit

Like vegetables, fruit can also contain vitamins that are precious for turtles but, unlike the previous case, here we must be careful because what freshwater turtles eat problems also come. Intestinal, in this case. In moderation, you can enter quantities of apples, pears, apricots, cherries, strawberries, figs, prickly pears, blueberries, melons and watermelons. All at the right season. Some turtles also eat aquatic plants: no intestinal disorders and lots of vitamin A. It is an excellent alternative to improvised "fruit salads".

What freshwater turtles eat: fish

The first answer to the question "What do freshwater turtles eat?”Is and must be: fish. At the basis of the diet of these animals, fish is best served fresh but, I understand, that is not always possible. So it's fine even frozen, without spending too many days, frozen dose by dose.

Being the what freshwater turtles eat, let's go straight to fresh water with fish such as silverside, trout, tench, chub, bleak. In moderate quantities you can also use sea fish such as hake, cod, salmon, even if very fat, and then sardines, anchovies and perch. Avoid all canned products, both in oil and natural.

What freshwater turtles eat: meat

Meat should be alternated with fish, to vary, but it must never be too much in the percentages of what freshwater turtles eat. Better white than red, better cooked, better little because too much protein so it risks too much strain on the kidneys. If possible, the top would be to focus on liver because it is rich in vitamin A and other key elements. It can be frozen in small pieces and included in the diet maximum once every 10 days. If red meats are not recommended, canned foods for cats and dogs, all cured meats and sausages are banned because they contain too many preservatives and many fats.

What freshwater turtles eat: commercial feed

There are many types of feed but in evaluating what freshwater turtles eat this type of food must be present in minimal part. maximum 25% of the diet. To be avoided altogether are those consisting only of simple dried shrimps, completely unbalanced and devoid of essential vitamins, and in general you really need to understand what freshwater turtles eat when they ingest these feeds. It should be checked that they do not contain more than 35% of proteins and there must be both calcium and vitamin A.

What freshwater turtles eat: vitamin supplements

This type of substance can be part of the diet but only if decided by an experienced veterinarian. Generally speaking, we talk about once a week, but only after having subjected the animal to thorough tests because there is a risk, by groping, of creating an excess of minerals, fibers and vitamins (hypervitaminosis) as lethal as their deficiency. In any case, among the recommended ones, there is a calcium supplement as simple ascuttlefish bone but to be combined with a "solar treatment": lots of sunlight, or alternatively UVB neon, trouble if filtered by glass or plexiglass, to "fix" the calcium taken.

What freshwater turtles eat: insects and larvae

It is frequent that the aquatic turtles they also eat insects and larvae, including crickets, honeyworms, earthworms. However, there are some highly poisonous ones such as fireflies, but also all colored insects, especially red ones, and then bedbugs, bees, wasps and ants that in large quantities can be irritating or toxic.

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